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the EDIP difference

Creation of a wealth generation engine for prosperity so your community priorities can be met for generations.

Providing tools, resources & expertise

Designed to help you achieve financial independence

EDIP is different from other firms who operate on a project-basis and leave once their deliverables are met. We are not consultants; we are partners who work with community leaders to grow sovereign wealth and own source revenues (OSRs).

We make it happen by leveraging your unique position to utilize treaty and aboriginal rights to share in resources and actively benefit from the steps taken toward reconciliation by federal and provincial governments.

Structuring for Success

Our Approach

Our approach begins with a discovery diagnostic where we review your asset base and overall economic situation to gain an understanding of your community’s or organization’s financial needs, governance and risks in achieving wealth generation goals.


We conduct a discovery diagnostic on your current asset base and economic situation. We then develop a Statement of Investment Guidelines that reflects your ambitions, risk appetite, and investment preferences. A final component of the first 90-day plan is establishing the Investment Strategy which documents financial assumptions. We define core strategies and financial projections including categorizing your assets under the following; Assets under Management (AUM), Assets under Development (AUD) or Assets under Consideration (AUC). so that we build momentum from the start.


Immediately following the acceptance of the Investment Guidelines and Strategy, we get to work with the second 90-day plan which addresses any outstanding issues around governance, risk management and tax so that we ensure your community will have optimal conditions as well as managing some of the assets that are ready for our involvement


 During the third 90-day plan we ensure that mechanisms and processes are correctly in place, including reporting, and that they are effectively managing your on-going returns from existing assets and meeting your expectations. This work includes a plan that continues growing your own source revenues into the future.


One of the many advantages of EDIP is that we assemble a team to fit your needs, with access to experts in different industries, and with national and international experience.


Many communities have immediate needs for experience and professional skills, particularly those in project management and delivery, and in specific industries, for their upcoming initiatives.


The important difference between hiring one person that may or may not work out, versus an outsourced solution, is that you could be hiring a team of experts rather than just an individual, providing access to more experience with a team, and eliminating time and cost.




Our experts, particularly those in project management and delivery, can stabilize your existing initiatives and find the right time to train and bring forward members into leadership roles, as we work with you to develop your wealth generation engine.


Our fee model is easy to budget for. One of the first things we do to assist is apply for grant funding.

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