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the EDIP Ecosystem

Building Strong Sovereign First Nations

We have created a unique eco-system – EDIP Group of Companies – in response to the needs expressed by First Nations, Métis and other related organizations.

This eco-system currently includes EDIP Sovereign Wealth Solutions; Okimaw Communities and HR Solutions; and the EDIP Foundation. We are constantly expanding our eco-system to meet their needs.

Our approach, informed by our advisory board consisting of First Nation leaders and Elders, has been designed specifically for communities.

We want to listen to Your Story

Every Story Is Unique.

It’s this story – your story – that clearly defines what success, financial independence and quality of life would look like for your Nation, Organization or Tribal Council. Our starting point is always with your story.  Sharing your story is vital to success and we will get to know your real priorities and what matters to you. 

Sovereign Wealth Unpacked

What Do We Mean by Sovereign Wealth?

We work with our clients to create a wealth generation engine, that builds economic prosperity for generations to come with a renewed capacity that helps them meet their priorities and needs.

It is a broader approach that provides for more strategic decisions and positions you to deal with the challenges of building a stable source of own-source revenues and it integrates with your economic development plan and projects.


A Wealth Generation Engine:

A broader focus is on moving away from dependence on the federal government to fund community priorities by using strategies that harness opportunities to create wealth and generate a stable source of own source revenues.

Broader Outcomes:

Uses metrics like:

  • Net Return on investment
  • Increase in Assets
  • Increase in OSRs
  • Funding Local Priorities

Supporting Economic Development:

The DNA of your economic development is anchored into our approach, providing an expanded mandate for your Economic Development Office to continue its important role in carrying out business enterprise opportunities on behalf of the community.

Local Outcomes:

Uses metrics like:

  • Businesses Built
  • Jobs Created
  • Training Opportunities
  • Capacity Building Metrics
  • Entrepreneurship


Both A Partner and A Resource.


  • consolidate all wealth related information
  • Review and recommend suggestions for improved governance
  • ASSET TRANSITION (may be required to bridge Guidelines and Strategy to Assets under Management)


  • Asset-level accounting (including valuation)
  • Tax support
  • Strategic asset management
  • Physical asset management
  • Sovereign Wealth Organization
  • Grant preparation and submission
  • Project management
  • Procurement services


  • Project management
  • Contract management
  • Project financing


  • Environmental scanning
  • Financial and market due diligence
  • Opportunity brokerage


  • Legal services
  • Community planning
  • Capacity building
  • Governance Training
  • HR Solutions
  • Special projects

Roadmapping for economic prosperity

Statement of Investment Guidelines and Strategy

The statement of investment guidelines provides the parameters that shape all our recommendations and is at the core of our relationship with our clients. The investment strategy sets out at a high level how your Community, Tribal Council or Organization can improve your return on existing assets and it identifies investment opportunities to enable growth. Together both documents provide a road map showing how to build greater financial wealth, with a focus on sovereignty and generating the funds to invest in the priorities in community plans.


“Our community chose to make a change and start working with EDIP, and we have moved a number of projects forward a long way with their help and support.

Their fee structure means that we have a full service, and is good value for money, especially when considering the amount we would pay firms of consultants for the same deliverables. The EDIP team are definitely a valuable resource.”

Azar Kamran

Chief Executive Officer, Horse Lake First Nation

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the EDIP team for all your efforts over the past year.

I have always been very impressed by your responsiveness, pro-active approach and professionalism in all aspects of our business dealings, but now we are starting to develop plans into prospective businesses there is a real buzz about what we are looking to create in the future.

I would be happy to recommend the EDIP team and approach to any First Nation looking to get things done.”

Mike Cardinal

Band Manager, Tallcree Tribal Government

“The difference between the project where we worked with EDIP and others we have undertaken with First Nations was night and day. We were able to get decisions made much faster with EDIP assistance and the project was completed on time, and to budget, with all accounts settled in a prompt and sensible manner.”

Ben Elzen

President and CEO, Cormode and Dickson Construction

“EDIP is a valuable resource for our First Nation partners – they simplify things and make sure that their clients understand issues, so that agreements can be made and implemented much faster, with better outcomes. Having EDIP working on the other side of the table has been invaluable in getting projects up and running in Indigenous communities.”

Alnoor Bhura

Managing Partner, Centex Petroleum

EDIP Sovereign Wealth Solutions

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