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Our Mission:

To help Indigenous communities manage their wealth and protect their legacy for generations to come.

Our Vision:

Indigenous communities controlling their destiny to improve quality of life for their members.

We offer a broader approach to building wealth specifically in Indigenous communities by focusing on creating assets and generating own source revenues in a more systematic and comprehensive way.

We have a deep understanding of your need to report to your community in a way that encourages transparency and interaction, informed by our Advisory Board consisting of First Nations leaders and Elders.

Our structure is based solely on partnering in your success. Our fees are aligned to create real value for you, and often replace existing costs that you would otherwise need to incur.


Every community story is unique.

It’s this story – your story – that clearly defines what success, financial independence and quality of life would look like for your community.

Because of this, our starting point is always with your story.

We listen thoughtfully and ask questions – lots and lots of questions.

We will get to know the real priorities and what matters most to your community.

Sharing your story with us is the first step in becoming part of the EDIP family.

A company founded on an integrated approach to wealth management, EDIP Sovereign Wealth Solutions provides trusted advice and wealth management solutions to Indigenous communities. We are a national organization, bringing our diverse expertise and deep knowledge to the complex wealth generation needs of our clients in Canada. We are committed to earning our client’s trust by building lasting relationships and confidence, putting your interests first in everything we do. Every interaction with us is defined through our core values and culture of doing what’s right for our clients and the communities we operate in. Forward-looking, innovative and committed to helping our clients thrive and prosper – we are the partner you can depend on to help you achieve financial independence and quality of life.






Your community is looking to deal with the challenges of building a stable source of own-source revenues. You are interested in learning how to generate wealth, with best practice governance, risk management and tax efficiency, while continuing to focus on economic development in a department dedicated to social enterprise, employment, training, entrepreneurship and growing your local economy.



We offer a broader approach to building wealth by focusing on own source revenues and wealth management in a more systematic and comprehensive way. Our team works with your community to grow your portfolio of revenue generating assets and stable own source revenues.

We offer the best and brightest from across Canada who work to build long term relationships with your community and who work collaboratively to understand your goals and priorities.



We are designed for the purpose of working exclusively with Indigenous communities, and we partner with your community over the long-term to build wealth and to position you for success. We work with you to focus on a growth strategy, but not just economic development which looks only in the immediate area, but at commercial opportunities in the rest of Canada and around the world.



The sole purpose of our wealth generation engine is to grow your portfolio of stable own source revenues which helps you to improve quality of life for your members and give them real opportunities.

We help you to grow and leverage. You might have one big economic development project right now. We would look at that and help you leverage it in order to get involved in other investments, according to your investment plan, and according to your priorities.



EDIP Sovereign Wealth Solutions Inc.
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