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Gloria Mehlmann

Provincial and National Education Leader:
Director of Aboriginal Education, Saskatchewan Education (1994-2004) • Led advancement of the provincial Aboriginal Education Agenda in collaboration with governance and educational advisory boards, provincially and nationally • Provided guidance and advice on provincial and western Canadian committees such as the provincial Representative Workforce Council and the Western Canadian Protocol for a national Aboriginal Languages Curriculum Framework with representatives from the western provinces, the Yukon, and the Northwest Territories. • Oversaw integration of Aboriginal content and perspectives in the provincial K-12 curriculum in collaboration with Saskatchewan education stakeholders. • Director of Research and Development (1987-90) Saskatchewan Indian Federated College, currently First Nations University of Canada (FNUC) • Served on the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations’ (FSIN) Legislation Commission (1988-91) as a team of drafters of The First Nations Education Act • Served as member of The Education Committee of the FSIN (from inception to 1991) in concert with Directors of Education of Band-controlled and Federal Schools. • Led Saskatchewan Education’s research support role in the development of Ahtahkakoop: The Epic Account of a Plains Cree Head of Chief, His People, and Their Struggle for Survival, 1816-1896 by Deanna Christiansen.

Represented the Saskatchewan Library Association (SLTA) on the Senate, University of Regina • Member and Chair of the Regina Public Library Board (1986-2004). • Lifetime member of the Saskatchewan Library Trustees Association (SLTA). • Member of the Canadian Library Association (CLA) • Served as Trustee on the Mackenzie Art Gallery Board (1990s) and on the Regina Arts Commission

Author and Writer:
Author: Gifted to Learn (University of Alberta (2008) a retrospective on experience teaching in the public-school system in Regina • Adam’s Tree (Radiant Press 2019) a fictional account of how prairie farmers, townsfolk, and governance functionaries got along with ‘Indians’ from Cowessess Reserve during the war years spanning the 1940s and 50s. • Member of the Federation of BC Writers, The Saskatchewan Writers Guild, and The Writers’ Union of Canada.

Educator and Community Developer:
Teacher in the Regina Public School System (1962-1980).

Grew up on Cowessess First Nations Reserve, Saskatchewan. Lives in Nanoose Bay.
Recipient of the Saskatchewan Centennial Medal 2005: The Lieutenant Governor has bestowed the Medal on you in the name of the provincial Crown for your significant contribution to the people of Saskatchewan.