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We are not financial asset managers like a bank or a trust fund manager. We are also not consultants who are paid regardless of whether they add value or not. Instead, EDIP helps you manage and obtain and maximize returns from all your commercial assets, which we define as anything from which you can earn OSRs, or which can be used to leverage or generate OSRs.

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Assets Under Management (AUM)

EDIP works with you to manage these assets and assists you in making investment decisions. This is EDIP’s core business where we drive out additional value in partnering with you.

Assets Under Development (AUD)

EDIP progresses specific projects to build new assets. We have experience in most industries. Once a development plan is produced, the asset migrates to AUM.

Assets Under Consideration (AUC)

EDIP works with you to prioritize opportunities including consideration of optimal structures for potential assets. Assets that meet certain risk criteria are investigated and, if you decide to take them forward, are migrated to AUD.

Sovereign Wealth Institution™

We use a proven, tax-efficient structure for this growth that we call a Sovereign Wealth Institution™, a vehicle that is designed so that you can fit all your businesses and assets into a structure designed to ‘plug and play’.